Building Equitable Neighborhoods
& Inclusive Cities with Blockchain

Our Mission

BLDG BLOX (building blocks) is a new foundation for collectively creating and engaging better cities. Our application is a marketplace that allows members to socially invest in new development projects and neighborhood programs - nurturing stakeholdership in the places we live and love. Institutions, local governments, and real estate developers can in turn reward contributors that help drive decision-making and maintain the vibrancy of their places. We want our cities to be more efficient, more sustainable, more inclusive, more resourceful  —  more impactful.


BLDG BLOX is an application and project marketplace where members can:
Propose projectsAdvocate for fundingDistribute rewards to supporters
Members can support projects with token “pledges” which help generate funds and visibility. In return, project leaders can reward their supporters with custom prizes. Over time, these pledges can be recalled by their original supporters and recycled to be put towards new projects.

A New Future for BLDing

BLDG BLOX utilizes blockchain software to cultivate a social and financial link between stakeholders and their surrounding city fabric.

Within the app, the ‘BLD’ token becomes a way for members to build stake and be rewarded for their project contributions. By pledging and earning tokens, members can participate in the upward mobility of an initiative they care about.

Laying the Foundation

Our team has been piloting development strategies over the last three years. These include building projects and programs on the STEEM blockchain which operates on a similar token reward model. The following are two flagship projects developed out of our creative studio Sndbox.

Creative Incubator

Powered by the Steem blockchain, the Creative Incubator has worked extensively on token-staking as a precedent for project investment and distributing rewards. Our global network has;

Distributed $438,000 USD in project development funds to 13 built projects and programs.Built a global community (28 countries) with hundreds of designers, non-profit organizations, program constituents, and more.


Steem Park is a physical park development project in Brooklyn, NY. The installation was the first of its kind, funded entirely by cryptocurrency and through crypto-crowdfunding platforms like Steemit. No investors, no grants, and no clients were needed for this project. Steem Park was a completely community-driven initiative made possible by blockchain governance and rewards.

Core Team

We are a global team of architects, urban designers, artists, engineers, software developers, and community leaders with deep-rooted experience working on blockchain products.

Michael Lee

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Michael is a cultural planner and designer. He previously founded the cultural development office Base 15 Studio, working with UNESCO Creative Cities to establish masterplans for public programming and institutional growth.

Prior to Base 15 Studio, Michael was as a creator in the Artist Pension Trust (APT), a research fellow at Harvard College, and a resident entrepreneur at the Harvard Innovation Lab.

Kirk Finkel

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Kirk is an architect and urban designer with a background in sustainable city planning and streetscape design.

Before practicing as an Urban Designer at Cooper Robertson, Kirk was awarded a Les Ateliers residency in India sponsored by the Euro-Asian Sustainable Towns Programme. Recently, he co-taught the Future City Detroit studio as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University.

Piyush Bhardwaj

Chief Investment Officer

Piyush is the Founder of CoInvestment Partners (CoIP) with a focus on opportunities that propel financial inclusiveness while delivering superior risk-adjusted returns.

Previously, he was the Head of Transactions and Asset Management for Mubadala. He spent nearly a decade at Prudential Global Investment Management between the Acquisitions and the Merchant Banking Group. Piyush has executed over $12 billion in transactions.

EOS Detroit

Lead Engineering Team, EOS Block Producer

EOS Detroit is a community-focused company creating tools for financial inclusion by operating a suite of blockchain-enabled services and building products focused on equitable outcomes, experiential learning, and local economic resilience in order to build paths towards a more inclusive, equitable, and prosperous future for all people.


An interdisciplinary team of industry professionals - our advisors aid us with strategic partnerships, investments and expertise across a diverse range of project types.


Become a partner of the BLD Network. Email us to learn more about our program and community of pilot projects.

Thaddeus Squire

Founder & CCO of CultureWorks Commons Management

Jess Houlgrave

Founder of shEOS &
Co-Founder of Codex

Elliot Chun

Managing Director of Emerging Innovations

Jason Rosenstein

Co-Founder & CEO of Portion

Elena Zavelev

Founder & CEO of the New Art Academy

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