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The Bldg App

Our enterprise application the Bldg App allows civic organizations, institutions, and real estate companies to reward public contributors and scale project decision-making. Our blockchain-powered software is designed to reduce the costly friction of deciding on and maintaining projects with community impact in mind.


  • 🧱 Companies and organizations create projects

  • 🙋 Users join projects of interest

  • 📝 Project members create calls for participation

  • 💰 Members earn rewards through participation and engagement

  • 📊 Project leaders can track their growth and visualize impact data

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Smarter Data,
Stronger Stakeholders,
Better Cities.

Through Bldg, users and partners can socially invest in new development projects and earn rewards through engagement, nurturing stakeholdership in the places we live and love.

Our mission is to eliminate the economic and social friction of realizing projects with impact in mind, empower them with funding, access to CSR, and the growth of new stakeholders - by way of accurate data and measurable impact.

A Commitment to Real Impact

Our team has been developing projects through blockchain technology for over three years, determined to find better social and economic solutions to more equitable development of cities around the world.

What we’ve achieved;

  • Distributed $438,000 USD in project development funds to 13 built projects and programs.

  • Built a global community (28 countries) with hundreds of designers, non-profit organizations, program leaders, and more.

  • Developed the world’s first public development using blockchain governance and cryptocurrency Steem Park.

  • Organized workshops, exhibitions, and public events that highlight public utility with blockchain.

Leadership Team

Michael Lee

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Michael is a cultural planner and designer. He previously founded the cultural development office Base 15 Studio, working with UNESCO Creative Cities to establish masterplans for public programming and institutional growth.

Prior to Base 15 Studio, Michael was as a creator in the Artist Pension Trust (APT), a research fellow at Harvard College, and a resident entrepreneur at the Harvard Innovation Lab.

Kirk Finkel

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Kirk is an architect and urban designer with a background in sustainable city planning and streetscape design.

Before practicing as an Urban Designer at Cooper Robertson, Kirk was awarded a Les Ateliers residency in India sponsored by the Euro-Asian Sustainable Towns Programme. Recently, he co-taught the Future City Detroit studio as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University.

Sam Billingham

Lead Engineer

Sam is a full-stack developer with a strong backing in every step of the design process.

After working in London as a software engineer, Sam moved to teach programming at the coding school Steer as well as working with the Prince's Trust Charity. Sam began his work creating prototypes and applications within the Blockchain space after learning about DPoS algorithms and associated consensus technologies.


An interdisciplinary team of industry professionals - our advisors aid us with strategic partnerships, investments and expertise across a diverse range of project types.


Become a partner. Email us to learn more about our program and community of pilot projects.

Elliot Chun

Managing Director of Emerging Innovations

Elena Zavelev

Founder & CEO of the New Art Academy

Jess Houlgrave

Founder of shEOS &
Co-Founder of Codex

Jason Rosenstein

Co-Founder & CEO of Portion

Thaddeus Squire

Founder & CCO of CultureWorks Commons Management

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